Peter Pap Oriental Rugs

Peter Pap Oriental Rugs

There was a time when the rug trade in this country was dominated by a handful of old-world dealers. These dealers went to great lengths to ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

Their ostensible goal was to provide advice in the selection of Oriental rugs. In practice, however, they were called upon to perform other roles as well: appraiser and curator; aesthetic consultant, critic; and when required, restoration craftsman.

They acted from their deep respect for the art of the Oriental rug.

Interior Gallery

I have tried to revive the best aspects of that tradition in the way that I run my own galleries – by blending the values of the past with the conveniences of the present. Every detail from buying, selling, repair & cleaning services is designed to make the experience of choosing an Oriental rug a pleasurable, and deeply satisfying experience. Every rug that I sell comes with a money-back guarantee as to age, authenticity and condition. Equally important, when you purchase a rug from me, I want you to feel confident that the rug you buy from my collection is right for you; that its aesthetic merits and condition will continue to bring you pleasure over the years.